Amazing beauty life hacks to improve your makeup skills

In this video, I give you some cool advice on how to improve your beauty routine and get the best makeup results without much effort.
– You apply the best-winged liner using an eyelash curler as a guide.
– To curl your lashes perfectly, warm your eyelash curler using a blow-dryer.
– I show you how to use an eyelash curler to contour your nose and make it appear slimmer as well as shorter.
– In addition to all the things you can do with an eyelash curler, you can use it as a guide to overline your lips and make them look natural.
– I show you how to create your own foundation shade using different lipstick colors.
– You can use brown mascara to create natural-looking freckles on your cheeks and nose.
– Apply lip-balm underneath your lipstick to achieve a more opaque color that will last you all day.
– You can create your own cream blusher using red-lipstick and body lotion.

0:07 – Genius eyelash curler hacks
1:49 – Quick way to contour your nose
2:30 – Creative makeup ideas you need to try
3:38 – The perfect foundation match
5:51 – Mind-blowing lipstick hacks
6:29 – How to make your lips look bigger
8:05 – Glitter lips
9:20 – Leopard lips
11:24 – DIY cream blusher
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